Civil Bikes

provides guided, historic bike tours in the city of Atlanta. 
We aim to make our tours accessible, educational, and FUN!

You will experience Atlanta in a way that gives you fresh eyes for the city!
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What We Do

Civil Bikes explores Atlanta through time by bicycle.  

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Who We Are

We've decided that the best way to live is life by bike.

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What We Do



The tours are two hours, about 8 miles, travelling through Atlanta's in-town neighborhoods.  We will see homes, businesses, green spaces, empty lots, murals, and community life to further convey the rich history social history that makes Atlanta unique.

Civil Bikes is also available for private tours. We are great with families, groups, organizations, and businesses. We also provide custom tours. For any and all inquiries, please contact us!

Some testimonials from past tour patrons:
"Thanks for such a great tour!!! It was awesome. We had so much fun! It was so nice to get out and see the city via bike. Now I can't wait to get back on my bike and explore some more!" - Lanaya G.

"Great ride through history! Highly recommend for all visiting Atlanta! Thank you N for a great morning!!" - Cathie G.P.
Types of tours include:

Atlanta History Bike Tour
This tour are for those interested in learning more about Atlanta or want to see sites up close they've read about!  We will tour history in several Atlanta neighborhoods to view buildings, art, farm, and parks to engage both civil rights and Atlanta history.  The purpose to is remember the stories that took place as the urban landscape continues to evolve.   

Auburn Avenue Walking Tour
The best way to see Auburn Avenue is to feel the rhythm walking.  We will meet Wednesday mornings, 9 AM at Sweet Auburn Bread Company, 234 Auburn Avenue, for a 1.5 hour walking tour.  Coffee provided.  You can purchase your own delight by Chef Sonya! To schedule a tour email, $30 person.

Holiday Bikes and Lights
We will take a bicycle ride to view the magic of holiday lights!  Stops may include Piedmont Park, Centennial Olympic Park, Atlantic Station, intown neighborhoods and stop at Octane Coffee, where $5 goes towards your purchase.


Belles on Bikes
Our goal is to support anyone who identify as women to have the confidence and skill to ride a bicycles everywhere. We have hosted a variety of activities: group rides and shared food experiences, skill shares (fix a flat and zero waste living), health professional speakers such as physical therapist.

Belles on Bikes also helps support our advocacy work: we are collecting more information on experiences of women cycling in Atlanta. Click this link to take an anonymous survey to collect information to help build the visible women cycling community that's already here on our streets.

One-on-one Instruction
Individual instruction is for a) new cyclists who want to learn to ride, b) cyclists who have learned how to ride but want to learn safe riding practices, and c) cyclists interested in commuter basics.

Each class is different but all will cover basic bicycling information. The new class goes at your own pace and is all about getting you pedaling! The learned class covers the Confident City Cycling material as well as the new class material. The Commuter Basics class includes Confident City Cycling material, as well as strategies for routing, so we will ride a route and discuss safe riding in action!

Class is $45 in Atlanta city limits.  Class is $55 for outside of I-285. Seniors, $37.


Why is bike advocacy around equity important?

Because... "segregation by transportation remains commonplace in many communities, especially in low- income communities and communities of color where people are more dependent upon transit, bicycles, and their own feet to get around." (Safe Routes to School, At the Intersection of Active Transportation and Equity) 

Here are some resources regarding equity-centric bicycling advocacy:

"Building the Inclusive City," Planetizen (May 2015)
"How Low-Income Cyclists Go Unnoticed," Bicycling (Nov 2015)
"Mapping Safer Streets for Bicyclists, Pedestrians in Portland," NextCity (Oct 2015)
"Integrating Equity in Bike Advocacy," The League of American Bicyclists (June 2014)
• Our friend, Melody Hoffman, PhD, and her blog on being an urban bicycle scholar, critical feminist, and community engagement professsor
• Our friend, Adonia Lugo, PhD, and her blog as an LA-based street anthropologist, critical bike scholar, professor, and activist.

Who We Are


Our Founder

Nedra is Civil Bikes' hands-on founder, owner and operator. She brings to Civil Bikes her many years of experience with life on a bike and community building as a MSW in diverse populations and settings. She has a progressive view for biking; teaching others how to cycle safely in a fun way will empower individuals and communities tools to incorporating cycling into daily life and create a sense of place with their stories at the center.

Nedra has gotten national attention in various publications:

Bicycling Magazine: "This History Lesson is Taught by Bike" (July 2015)
Georgia State Alumni Magazine: "History and Handlebars" (Summer 2015)
People for Bikes/Alliance for Biking and Walking: "Rebuilding the Social Street," in Building Equity: An Idea Book for Fairer Cities. (March 2015)
CityLab: "Touring Civil Rights History on Two Wheels" (Oct 2014)
Atlanta Street Fashion: "Roll Model: Nedra Deadwyler" (Sept 2014)
People for Bikes: "Creating a Lifelong Community" (June 2014)

Our Philosophy

There are lots of reasons to ride bikes, including exercise, transportation, and just plain fun! Lots of people ask why we do what we do. We believe that biking is a great way to live life and we want to help folks who are interested in riding back on their bike.

Here are our top six reasons to get on your bike and sign up for a class or private lesson today!

1. You know how to ride but prefer trails instead of the roadways.
2. You know how to ride but not sure what are the best practices.
3. You are not sure how to ride in a way that is safe.
4. You've gotten a ticket, even if you think it wasn't your fault.
5. You usually hardly ever ride on the roads and cars make you nervous.
6. You are returning to the bicycle years or decades after not riding.
7. If you have other questions or concerns, reach out to us! We're happy to help!

Our Logo

The wheel is circular, round, and full.  The wheel pulls us all together from our distant places, draws us to the center, the hub.   In the hub, we are united and become one people. The red star is to identify with multiple global peoples’ movements.  We are their storytellers.  Whether they are oppressed for race, gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, immigration, refugee, nation of origins, religion, etc.  We are united in the struggle. The blue background signifies that civil and human rights equates with the human body’s natural needs; need for water, for air, for safe food and shelter, safe communities and education just to name a few of our natural human rights.

Without observance of our civil and human rights we as individuals or a group fail to fully thrive. Civil Bikes seeks to tell the stories of struggle undertaken to gain civil and human rights. 

Book a Tour

Tours begin @ The Spindle, 480 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue, NE, Suite 170, Atlanta, GA.

Here are our currently available tours— book one today!

AUBURN AVENUE WALKING TOUR: The best way to see Auburn Avenue is to feel the rhythm walking. Sign up for a 1.5 hour walking tour to learn about this historically significant Atlanta neighborhood.

ATLANTA HISTORY BIKE TOUR: The best way to see Auburn Avenue is to feel the rhythm walking. Sign up for a 1.5 hour walking tour to learn about this historically significant Atlanta neighborhood.

HOLIDAY BIKES AND LIGHTS: We will take a bicycle ride to view the magic of holiday lights! We stop at Piedmont Park, Atlantic Station, and other popular intown destinations.

We also offer classes for various experience levels:

BICYCLING FOR ACTIVE ADULTS, ACTIVE LIVING, SENIORS: Come and learn how to incorporate bicycling into your everyday life. Perfect for beginners or for folks who haven't ridden in a while.

ONE-ON-ONE INSTRUCTION:Get 1:1 instruction with Nedra to get specialized, detailed feedback on how to be a better cyclist.


Tours are by advance reservation ONLY.  If a day you want is not listed, please contact us.

Q: What if I have to cancel my tour?

A:  If you cancel within 72 hours, there will be a 20% service charge. If you cancel within 24 hours, there will be no refund.  You are able to have credit for a one time opportunity to reschedule your tour within the same season.

Q:  Does Civil Bikes customize tours?

A:  Yes, we do customized tours. Email us today- we'd be happy to work with you to help create the perfect custom tour to fit your needs.

Q:  What if it's raining?

A:  We do not force you to ride in the rain. If it is raining, we will gladly issue you a full refund. However, some of our guests may not mind riding in the rain. If enough people want to ride, we will do the tour just for those people. We do not provide rain gear.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and get in touch! We're happy to try and accommodate your needs the best that we can.


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